(The Language Coop has been in existence for a decade or so; you could even find some traces of our early steps … back in the nineties
A list of a dozen–book-length — publications or so is available –if you so wish)

A non-for-profit association where members- guests and visitors – apply the Co-op (cooperative) principles:
share projects without profit; those projects can be:
literary/translation etc.
anything that is related to languages and linguistics …

You may need:
–  a translator for a short term project
– writers to discuss your own ms.
– a proofreader for an article etc.
– Or. you may also like to contact publishers, share your contacts, etc.

If there is a financial renumeration – it is up to you to discuss with your partner(s), contacts how this will be done – we recommend giving the publisher/agency’s details, etc – so those financial specifics will/may be discussed directly, not through your own contract and in your own budget:

In other words, the ” Co-op spirit ” is: sharing and not about financial gain
There is no fee and no formal membership … feel free to use it as a loose connection and we believe in Copyleft and Common Creative Licences