This project is focused on Marketing with the the tentative title:

Marketing for Translators

The deadline is October 2011;

all interested should read the presentation for the Language Coop first.  Please send a one-page presentation: all papers should be focused on Marketing (obviously) with an innovative approach; papers should be more practical, relating an experience, rather than theoretical.

A dozen papers will be selected and publishers are contacted. Two options are envisaged:

1- we find a publisher and all concerned will be notified and a separate contract written up

2- another solution is preferable

and the project will be published online.

Please note: in any case, translators wil realize that this is not a best-seller proposition; so a reasonable number of copies (5 000) is expected as well as limited financial compensation – in case there is a publisher for it. Translators may be part of the search -process as well *.

Thank you for your interest.