We shall get into some details regarding some of those, such as:





Translators’ On-Line Resources

Miscellaneous Translators’ Resources

Karin Adamczyk’s Home Page
Karin Adamczyk discontinued the listing of bad payers/slow payers/non-payers at her Web site, but she has established a payment practices mailing list, where translators can still find out if a certain customer is a habitual slow payer or non-payer.CyberBabel
An original site by Hazem Azmy, Egypt, with lots of interesting links classified by type.Roger Chriss’s Language Realm
An ecletic site with news about translation, glossaries, articles, translation as a business, technology, and links. An interesting and well-designed site.João Roque Dias’s Web Site
One of the best Web sites I’ve seen. Clear, attractive design combined with technical wizardry and rich content. An example of how a translator’s web site is supposed to provide useful information to clients and colleagues in an interesting and easy-to-navigate form.Frank Dietz’s Home Page
A great selection of English and German monolingual and bilingual on-line glossaries in various subject areas.

Eva Easton’s Site
An extensive site aimed mostly at language teachers, but also useful to translators. English grammar, dictionaries and glossaries in many languages, travel, and humor. A delight for anybody interested in languages.

An excellent resource for translators. DictSearch (over 90 on-line dictionaries), TranslateNow (on-line machine translation), LinkSearch, NetSearch (hundreds of search engines from a single screen), Technology (mainly machine translation), Translators (enter your CV), and Forum.

Jobs for German Linguists
To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE u-jobs to the above address.

Michael Gierhake’s Language and Translation Links
A translator’s treasure trove of glossaries, dictionaries, search engines, and more.

Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies
This home to Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies also contains useful advice to beginning translators, links to dictionaries and databases, reference resources, information on specific countries, and much more! Glenn’s list has now been purchased by e-Translate.