(Nous ajouterons Blogs et Sites sur la Traduction et al.)

SOURCES: Newspapers, Magazines, Media, Websites et al.

(1ére Liste informelle et un peu fouillis)

  1. Ha’Aetz                                                         
  2.     New York Times                                       
  3. Le Flambeau
  4. Asia Times Online                                          
  5. Le Monde                                                 
  6.   Fokus
  7. BBC News Online                                         
  8. Lire                                                               
  9. The Guardian
  10. Discover                                                          
  11. Les Echos                                                     
  12. International Herald Tribune
  13. Dz-Rider                                                          
  14. Livres Hebdo                                               
  15. Milennio Semanal
  16. Elaph                                                              
  17. Liberation                                                    
  18. P W
  19. To Ethnos                                                       
  20. Shoes Up!                                                     
  21. The Star                                  
  22. Expert                                                            
  23. Standard                                                        
  24. Tempo              
  25. Zdorbje
  26. Visao                                                              
  27. Le Temps
  28. Il fatto Quotidiano                                  
  29. La Voz del Interior
  30. Info Ouvrières
  31. InRockuptibles                                         
  32. Democracy Now !
  33. Iceland Review Online


As is normal, we think:

our sources should be well advertised and sometimes … well, not for Libé, NyT, Democracy Now! maybe — they are quoted on a daily basis;

but, it is very possible that some sources be overlooked, forgotten. We have a couple of Blogs based solely on info, Media, etc.

so we dedicate this post to All our Sources: Thanks

and, yes ”Shoes Up ! is a magazine we are reading/perusing as we speak. Well, it may not be our most constant source of inspiration …

and you won’t see Many Shoes on Our Blogs ? Ok, but, please have a thought for ” Shoes Up!” Today. Please.



18 avril 2012                 Posté par Olivia dans EventPas de commentaire

Capture d’écran 2012-04-18 à 15.38.00

Le 27  avril @ Dubaï De 14h00 à 00h00

The Only Sneaker Festival in the Middle East