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5 Reasons to Attend the When Words Collide Conference

by  on August 4, 2012 in EditingSocial MediaWriting Tips

What’s the best way to get 3 full days of advice on writing, publishing and promoting for $65? Attend the When Words Collide Conference for writers and readers in Calgary, Alberta!

When Words CollideI attended When Words Collide (WWC for short) last year. It was my first-ever writers’ conference, and I was nervous, awkward and unsure right up until the day I arrived. I had a million newbie questions like:

  • What do people wear to writing conferences? (Answer – Really whatever you want as long as your undies aren’t showing.)
  • Should I bring a book? (Answer – Maybe, but at WWC there’s not much time for reading.)
  • What should I say to Jack Whyte, one of my favourite authors who was at the conference? (Answer – “Hello I love your books,” seemed to work just fine.)

Thankfully all my fears were squashed as soon as I arrived and I was greeted by friendly people (like Randy McCharles, the conference organizer) and began attending sessions. Lots and lots of sessions.

This year I’m returning to WWC as an attendee and a panel member/editor. I’ve gathered my top 5 reasons that I think every writer should attend WWC this year, although I realize some (most?) of you may not be close enough to Calgary to make that a reality. If you can’t make it this year, maybe this could be on your conference list for 2013!


The Conference is gone 

but we still publish Carrie M’s post 🙂