PBS NewsHour’s viewers are translating its videos into 52 languages (and counting)


The concept is not new.
Actually, I am all for it *
There is only one big obstacle:
Volunteers, “Community Translators” actually take
Real translators’ jobs and work … for nothing.
The idea of working “pro bono ” is great as long as it evolves in
an established institution –for example: Lawyers will give 50 hours
from their time –but they still make a living (no kidding!)
Japanese anime is another example –where dozens and hundred of young
devotees have given time for nothing;
and the jury is still out there as to the quality,
the standard of their work as well as …
how the financial compensation has been affected overall.
Also, ‘ Google Translate ‘ + Machine Translation and such Translation Biggies as ProZ
have been some of the new elements in the Translation industry this last decade or so.
There is a shortage of translators: that’s the good news.
We need more good, paid translators: that’s the challenge.
Best regards,
Jean Wadier
* The Language Coop
The Language Coop Daily
” ProZ.com is a business-related social networking site for translation. Founded in 1999,[2] it is mainly used for professional networking. Several important language industry companies advertise their products there. As of 17 July 2011, ProZ.com reports more than 500,000 registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.[2]
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