” When I (1visited Google (2) recently , I gave a talk about the importance of translation.(N.B. I’m already shaking: this is soooo good)(3)

I stated my assertion (amen)(4) that, as a society, we are moving beyond the Information Age, and into the Information Transformation Age (N.B. I don’t believe this(5)

I also shared the notion(wow) that translators are as critical to this societal transition (my comment: wow) as blacksmiths (6) were to helping us advance to the Industrial Age.  (my comment: sobs)

Nataly Kelly, CSA

in Huffington Post

We already had the opportunity to elect kelly’s description of Iceland as the worst ever  …


(when sby uses ‘I’ half a dozen times in a couple of lines, you know who is going to make bucks? ‘I’ not the … ‘Information Agent or the         ‘  Translator ‘ (call it: Neanderthal Man, Blacksmith or whatever) 🙂

Who is Nataly Kelly?

a) she is no Dante

b) she is no Shakespeare

b) she belongs to the CSA clique where she earns (80 000) $:   she is no Mother Teresa, either


Google owns the World …


Again, I don’t want to seem disrespectful …

but there is such an inflated Ego here ! Ok, she gives a talk and among one million  lectures: hers is my least favorite.


One million sociologists have made comments since Marx …

but there is such an inflated Ego here ! Ok, she gives a talk and among one million  lectures: hers is my least favorite …


same comment

6 The ” Blacksmith ” comparison! …

(she must have thought about this one for years, while writing articles about McDo and  Hamburgers for CSA …)


Maybe she can make a movie* -so this will be clear to the masses, the populace that the Translator will … enlighten ?

We have had:the Neanderthal man , a million agents  of ” Transformation ” —

 the Warrior, the miner, etc.

But, obviously, Ms Kelly sees herself as some New Baudrillard (or Marx); btw,

there are more that a couple of hundred books  dedicated to translation, traductology … by great writers such as Steiner , Lawrence Venuti, David Bellos – to name a couple of a list of some hundreds ** (Kelly is not in my list)…

( ** of about 1,603,598 -according to Wordldcat  –including many, many beyond the scope of this post) …

So, ok, we got the point: Kelly

forecasts a New Revolution with the Translator as our New Hero.   Phew.

this is a tongue-in-cheek comment: M. Kelly believes as much in a Revolution than CSA helps in a translators’Union 🙂

One last point: what is she doing precisely to help the Translators’cause ?

 -give her royalties to some association ? (I think not)

– help start a Translators’Union …(again, alas, alas–

Nataly seems  more interested in re-tweeting .. Nataly Kelly’s tweets ..)

*don’t laugh: she may. Nataly in LalaLand.

Nota Bene: I have kindly sent a copy of my criticism to Ms.Kelly, but Nataly ( who is so eager to re-tweet any laudatory tweet) has ignored my missive and she will– as Agents Of Transformation ignore blacksmiths, peasants and such. I would remind her that Orwell predicted: Newspeak …

As The Stalinist Systems of Thought reject opposition and democray, Kelly wants to have sthg like a “100% approval rate “: shame on her.