What do your clients think?

Irene Vidal // 09/01/2013 // Marketing for translators

Clients have highly valuable information about the services we offer. How they perceive them is essential to know what we’re doing well and what we can improve to offer a better client satisfaction. These are key elements to strengthen the professional relationship we built with them.

By collecting all this information we’ll be able to know our major assets, our weak spots in which we need to work and to have a global overview of the perception of the whole service we offer. First of all, bear in mind that the service is more than the text translated we send to a client. The service includes everything: the way we communicate with them, the time it elapses before we answer their calls and e-mails, our efforts to solve their problems, our reactions to certain demands, the way we furnish the information (estimates, etc.). All matters. And all this has an influence on the way we are seen as service providers.

Photograph by WingedWolf

Photograph by WingedWolf

When and how to collect this information

New clients

It is good to know the impressions of a client after having worked for him for the first time. The day after or few days after having sent the translation, we can e-mail them a survey to know things like

  • Are they satisfied with the communication given during the project?
  • What do they think about the quality of the service?
  • Will they work with us again?

These are only few examples of what we can ask. More general questions like what they liked the most or what they think we can improve also help us to consider changes.

If it’s the first time you work with a client, a written survey can work well. Is the way they can feel free to express what they really think about it. Surveymonkey is a fantastic tool for this. It’s easy to use and the free plan allows to make up to 10 questions, which is far enough. After creating the survey we just have to copy the link into the text of an e-mail and the customer simply fills it through the web. No need to open files, fill them and send them back.

Regular clients

It’s suitable to contact them at least once a year to know how’s going everything, their impression about the service (again, communication, quality and other relevant questions).

With clients with whom you already have a professional relationship, a call might be more suitable. And a visit is even better. It’s the moment when you evaluate different points, which will make you continue in the same direction or make changes to increase their satisfaction. It is also the moment to try to know your client better and to remind them you’re there.

Why is all this so important? Because it shows our clients we care about their opinion, and that we are professionals worried about offering always the best service. Is the way we can create a stronger relationship with them.