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The Editorial Freelancers Association is a national, nonprofit organization of self- employed professionals in publishing and communications.


Job List

About the EFA Job List

The EFA Job List is a free job-posting service that puts freelancers in touch with prospective clients, and clients in touch instantly with more than 1,600 experienced freelancers nationwide: writers, editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, researchers, and other communications professionals – the people clients and publishers need for projects in book production, textbooks, magazines, advertising, public relations, training and education materials, and corporate communications.


The Job List is an opt-out EFA member benefit. All members receive notification, by email, of every job offer clients submit.

“In just two months I’ve secured two ongoing client relationships through the EFA Job List.” -A member in California


To reach EFA’s nationwide talent pool, submit your job description online. We’ll email it to EFA members in less than 24 hours. Qualified members will then contact you directly. There’s no cost to you.

EFA lists more than 600 jobs a year from clients all over the country. We have many repeat clients—proof of how effectively the EFA Job List swiftly targets more than 1,600 skilled, experienced professionals.

“Your group is the best source in the industry for finding editorial talent and a blessing for editors like me who are in need of solid freelance support.” -An editor at a New York publishing company

“Absolutely wonderful! I’m impressed with the level of expertise of your members.” -A self-published author in Aruba

Posting Basics
EFA’s members are professionals with years of experience and a broad array of skills. We will post jobs from every area of the publishing and communications industries, but only if you are paying the industry average or above. We will post staff jobs and jobs from placement agencies. We are happy to list jobs from unpublished and new authors – but please read our guidelines first.

We do not post low-paying or nonpaying jobs or internships of any sort. See the schedule of common rates to get a sense of fair market prices for editing, indexing, design, translating, research, and writing. If you would like the freelancer to take an editing test, please see our suggested testing guidelines here.

EFA reserves the right to reject or remove any job posting for any reason. Submit a job listing.